Banas Medical College & Research Institute



  • Provide comprehensive fundamental knowledge of Pediatric to undergraduate students that help them understand the basics of medical conditions in Pediatric age group, their prevention if possible and appropriate treatment. The department is bound to provide treatment to all Pediatric patients from birth to 18 years of age.
  • The department believes in group dynamics and works integrated with the different departments of the institutes.


  • The department of Pediatric is situated on the ground floor of Civil Hospital consisting of HOD chamber at the entranceof CMTC, three pediatric ward , one immunization clinic, one special clinic room one general OPD room,one SNCU ( 1st floor D block), one isolation room and one PICU . It has departmental library and offices for other faculty members too. Special clinics run on different weekdays.
  • The departmental library has different standard textbooks of pediatric and are issued to Faculties.
  • A common SOP is followed for treatment of Neonates. AIIMS guidelines are followed for the same.
  • AIIMS Protocol is followed for patients admitted in PICU .
  • The average number of OPD patients is 120-150 per day. The same is monthly admission rate in Pediatric ward.
  • In SNCU average admission rate is 80-90 per month including both extra and itra mural patients. The SNCU is 20 bedded with ventilator facility. It has KMC room and stepdown rooms too.
  • The department frequently organizes FGM, NRP and send faculties as trainer for providing IMNCI training to different health workers.
  • Almost all SNCU Staff and all APs and SRs have completed FBNC training.


  • A conceptual knowledge of Pediatric can be delivered by interactive lecturers, small group discussions, and clinical case presentations.
  • All the attributes of adult learning are followed and special emphasis is given to ECE and SDL .Students are given feedback after every formative assessment and their reflections are also sought.