Banas Medical College & Research Institute



  • To provide comprehensive and qualitative eye care facility to our patients. To spread awareness and educate the patients for common eye disease.
  • To provide knowledge and training to undergraduate students to enable them to practice primary eye care physician.


  • Ophthalmic department in general hospital campus running opd daily, having 60-70 patients per day and in winter it goes upto 100-120 patients per day.
  • We are providing 24/7 ophthalmic emergency services in trauma centre.
  • We have two consulting room with all diagnostic equipments including posterior segments.
  • One refraction room with one autorefractometer, non contact tonometer, A scan snellen vision drum, charts, trial frame set.
  • We are running R.O.P. screening opd with collaboration of department of neonatology of the hospital.Weare examining the child with indirect ophthalmoscope
  • We are doing community service like school health programme, diabetic retinopathy screening, B.S.Fpersonnels ophthalmic check up and mass screening of cataracts in camps and providing free spectacles to children upto 14 year.
  • We are providing free medicines and eyedrops to post operative patients, glaucoma patients and patients with common eye diseases.


  • We are operating 7-8 patients of cataract with IOL surgery free of cost, other than cataracts we are doing other extra ocular surgeries like pterygium excision, cyst excision, entropionectropion correction surgery, DCR , abscess I&D and other oculoplastyprocedures.
  • We have all the instruments and equipments for above procedures.
  • We have secured a 2nd number for maximum cataract surgery in Gujarat as per State Ophthalmic Sell Gandhinagar.


  • We have teaching facility for M.B.B.S. students along with lectures and seminars and clinical examination lectures and exam conducting facilities.
  • We have research facility in departments of medical retina, glaucoma, cataracts etc. for faculty.


  • We are surving in a building having 2 floor for our department. We have 2 consulting rooms, 1 refraction room, 1 procedure room, 1 store room, 1 autoclave room, patient waiting area and nurse area on ground floor.
  • We have 1 OT room with 1 septic procedure room and waiting area on 2nd floor. There are 2 wards with 20 indoor beds on 2nd floor.