Banas Medical College & Research Institute

Forensic Medicine


  • To be a centre of excellence and integrity in Forensic Medicine by balancing the emphasis on teaching, research and medico legal services.
  • Mortuary building and cold storage room.

    Infrastructure of Department:

    li style="text-align: justify;"> Laboratory for students.
  • Research laboratory.
  • Demonstration room.
  • Department library.
  • Museum with photograph,mounted specimen of poisons,Bones,Weapons,wet specimen,Wax model,charts.
  • Concept of Teaching & Teaching Forensic Medicine

  • The department is engaged in teaching medical students by providing hands-on experience and modern teaching modalities. It is well equipped with models, specimens and charts to provide best learning experience to students and enhance their creativity. Apart from this, the department provides a favourable environment for scientific research. The department also caters medico legal services to the community..
  • The teaching/training activities of the department include didactic lectures, demonstrations, and practical sessions in autopsy, toxicology, and medical jurisprudence. The curriculum is developed as per the norms of NMC with aim to prepare undergraduate students with comprehensive knowledge and skills and understanding of Medico-legal responsibility during his/her practice of Medicine, capable of making observations and inferring conclusions by logical deductions to set enquiries on the right track in criminal matters and associated medico-legal problems, knowledge of law in relation to Medical practice, Medical negligence and respect for codes of Medical ethics.
  • Students will be encouraged to develop analytical, communication and comprehension ability by way of visit to hospital wards & emergency department, mortuary and interactive case based tutorial to understand Medico-legal responsibilities of physicians at all levels of health care, scientific basis of clinical toxicology and to carry on proper Medico-legal examination and documentation/Reporting of Injury and Age